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 Ford's Premium CARE for new vehicles

Ford ESP Premium CARE provides our ultimate coverage. This plan is so complete that we generally only discuss what's not covered! This is the plan for you if you want the advantages of a Ford ESP with our maximum component protection and high-tech coverage.

You should consider this plan if you:

  • buy well-equipped vehicles, with extensive high-tech components
  • are a high-kilometre driver
  • plan to keep your vehicle beyond the New Vehicle Basic Warranty period

Features and benefits:

  • Covered components: 500+
  • Standard deductible: $100
  • $0, $50 and $200 deductible options available
  • Roadside assistance
  • Towing: included in roadside assistance
  • Rental: 10 days/up to $35 per day
  • Transfer Fee *: $100
  • Service locations: Ford and Lincoln dealerships in Canada and the United States
  • Financing: may be included in the finance contract in most cases

Reasons to buy:

  • May help increase resale value
  • Our most comprehensive coverage for just pennies a day
  • Could pay for itself in the cost savings of one Ford ESP-covered repair

Coverage begins at the time of plan purchase and ends at the selected time or distance travelled limitation (whichever occurs first); time and distance travelled limitations are calculated from zero kilometres and the warranty start date (whichever occurs first).

*Transfer fee not applicable in Quebec.

Not sure what coverage you need? Click on live help to talk to one of our representatives or call us at's Toll-Free Hotline (800) 797-0710

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